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Office mezzanine floor project for marketing specialists KW Digital.

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  • The quality of the work at the end of the day is second to none. I can't say how happy I am with how the project has turned out. We have a building that we're proud of and at the end of the day, I would say for the second time in a couple of years, we're a very happy customer of Nexus'.

    David Wilson Director, KW Digital

The Challenge

KW Digital are a full service digital marketing company that specialises in the process industry sector. They provide all forms of marketing services to companies including SEO, social media updates, website design and much more.

The KW Digital team originally started out as the marketing department of MGA Controls, but over time has grown to a team of 15+ people and has become independent. As they already had the experience of working in the control and process industry, it made sense for them to specialise in that as they went independent.

Even after they went independent and became KW Digital, they were still occupying the first floor of MGA Controls, so as they got busier and in turn expanded, they needed to look for a premises of their own.

‘The team occupied the same building as MGA Controls and we pushed them upstairs to the first floor and as they grew and grew in numbers, they were bulging at the seams. We ran out of desks, there was nowhere else to put them and it became pretty evident to us about 12 months ago that we needed to have some new premises’ – David Wilson, Director, KW Digital.

KW Digital required a premises that would not only service their current number of employees, but also accommodate any expansion of personnel in the future.

Project Video

Check out our video case study for the office mezzanine floor project we implemented for KW Digital, which features the thoughts of Director, David Wilson.

The search for a solution

Once the decision was made to find their own premises, David Wilson identified the perfect location that was incidentally, close to another business of his, Kirkwood Wilson. They worked with us back in 2016 when we provided an office mezzanine floor solution for them.

The building identified was very similar to the one we previously converted and fitted out for the chartered accountants firm. It was an empty warehouse facility that needed a complete overhaul to be suitable for KW Digital’s needs.

David knew that this could be achieved by working with Nexus due to his previous experience with us, so that of course informed his decision to purchase the new warehouse to house KW Digital’s new office facilities.

Why KW Digital chose Nexus to implement their office mezzanine floor

As David had worked with us previously on an office mezzanine floor project and was more than happy with the results, he knew he could rely on us to provide him with the solution he needed again. David also knows all to well about the perils of acting as a Principal Contractor on your own project, so he knows it’s wise to trust a company like Nexus to handle the whole design and fit out process on his behalf.

‘Eight or nine years ago I converted one of these buildings and took on the role of project manager. It was a lot of work, it was very time consuming. I found it a much more efficient use of time to work with a company that I trust, that I had a good relationship with and one that I knew would take the strain of delivering my build to time and to cost’.

David also knew that the health and safety of everyone on site is imperative and by handing the responsibility of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor over to Nexus, he could rest assured that the health and safety of personnel was treated as paramount to us.

‘As a client and indeed as a landlord, I’d say that whilst I’m very mindful of my legal obligations of the health and safety of any workers on site, I’d be the first to hold my hands up and say I’m not fully aware of all the intimate details that are required within that. It worked really well to hand that responsibility to Mathew Barnes as my Principal Designer and in doing that, Mathew was taking responsibility on my behalf for the health and safety of the workers on site.’

Because of David’s happiness with our service previously and in particular the experience of working with one of our Site Managers Matty Ayres, he was able to ‘relax completely in the knowledge that Matty would deliver a quality solution’.

It’s important that our clients understand what is happening with their project from start to finish and David Wilson experienced that first hand.

‘In terms of the drawings, defining the scope of works, the plumbing, the electrical, the whole layout, the quality of the documentation was superb. It was easy for lay person to understand and if I ever had any difficulties, it was just a case of picking up the phone and low and behold a revised drawing appeared in my email usually within 24 to 48 hours’.

All these aspects that David had experienced before with Nexus during the Kirkwood Wilson project combined to ensure that he chose us to design and build this project for KW Digital.

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The solution

KW Digital wanted a modern and clean environment that would compliment their team’s forward thinking nature and help promote teamwork and get the best out of everyone.

‘I sat down with Mathew Barnes, we played around with certain CAD drawings, we looked at the size of the departments, we looked at how we would have some isolation for the development team, some quiet thinking time, some creative thinking space and some breakout areas for the team to relax. So by sitting with Mathew, we came up with what we consider to be the perfect design’.

It was important to KW Digital that we created an environment that they could be proud of and a premises where they could actually look forward to inviting their clients in, to discuss their marketing plans.

‘When you invite clients into your premises, your premises becomes your showpiece, it says a lot about your image, it says a lot about who you are to your clients. It’s very important to us that we have a high quality building, a building that leaves a lasting impression with the client and I think we’ve achieved that’.

The project involved the design and build of an office mezzanine floor which features two open plan office spaces, a boardroom, three individual offices, a breakout area, kitchen space and WC areas.

An important part of the brief was to ensure that KW Digital had space for expansion in the future, something that David believes is inevitable.

‘We have growth plans for the business, we expect to be doubling in turnover over the next two or three years. That will mean a considerable increase in staff numbers. The current capacity this premises gives us is 32 with existing desks, so it will allow us to remain in this location for the next two or three years, by which time I think we’ll be looking at opening up another office, maybe in another city’.

KW Digital now have a premises of their own that they can be justifiably proud of and can look forward to inviting their clients over to brainstorm their latest marketing campaigns.

‘If and when I move onto my next building refurbishment, Nexus will be the first people that I speak to and I would not hesitate in recommending Nexus to anyone else I know who is looking to convert a building’.

If your business is in a similar situation to what KW Digital’s were and are looking to move into a new premises to call your own, get in touch today and we’d be more than happy to help.

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