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Mezzanine Floors

If you are looking to create office, storage or production space within your warehouse premises, a mezzanine floor is by far the most cost effective, quick to install and suitable solution for you and your business.

They allow you to potentially double the available space within your premises. They are such a versatile solution and it’s easy to see why they have become a very popular option for businesses across the UK.

Your floor can be configured to fit into your premises, as long as there is the required head height to meet building regulations. They can also be designed to support heavy machinery, through the process of piling your warehouse floor, this versatility ensures that a mezzanine floor is the ideal solution for your needs.

When compared to alternative options like breeze block, a mezzanine floor is by far more cost effective. With approximately 60 square metres installed per day, it’s also far quicker to construct.

Our Process

We have been helping businesses to make the most of their warehouse space since 2009 through our full design and build mezzanine floor solutions. We provide a complete turn-key solution to our clients which involves each and every aspect of the project.

We will visit your premises to discuss your requirements and conduct a site survey to measure the space. Once discussions have taken place in regards to your needs, we will return to the office to design your new space.

For more information on the design process, click on one of our guides below:

This includes all office requirements such as partitioning, furniture, flooring and all electrical and plumbing requirements. Whilst for storage and production space, we will include all pallet gate, lift, electrical, lighting and machinery requirements.

We will then deliver the designs back to you for your approval. Once a design is agreed upon, we will prepare a detailed and itemised quote in a ‘shopping list’ style. This allows you to see a breakdown of each and every cost. Transparency is something that we at Nexus believe in at every opportunity.

Once we are commissioned to carry out the project for you, we will prepare a project plan that details when each aspect of your project will be taking place. This project plan will also include our health and safety policy and all risk assessments.

You will be appointed your very own Project Manager for the installation phase of the project who will be able to help you with any questions you may have during the build. 

Once your project is complete you will receive a handover pack that includes all warranty information and details on how to maintain the various aspects of the build. All our mezzanine floors have a full warranty period of 12 months.

Our Experience

We have worked with numerous clients previously, with no project the same. Krone UK, Computer Disposals Limited, Martech UK and Cox Agri amongst others, have all required mezzanine floor solutions previously and we have many show sites for you to visit.

This will give you a great opportunity to not only see our previous work first hand but also allows you to discuss with our existing clients, what it’s like working with Nexus.

So whether you require new storage space within your premises or a complete office fit out situated on a mezzanine floor, contact us today and we’ll help you make the most of your warehouse space.

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Office Mezzanine Floors

Over recent years, mezzanine flooring has become an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to increase their available workspace…and when you consider how easy and cost efficient it is to install, it’s easy to see why.

Storage Mezzanine Floors

Over recent years, mezzanine flooring has become an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to increase their available workspace…and when you consider how easy and cost efficient it is to install, it’s easy to see why.

What Our Clients Think

  • During the decision process, the designs, innovations and overall cost of the project put forward by Nexus, ensured that we chose them.

    Mike Coult Operations Director, Martech UK
  • I would highly recommend the team at Nexus for any work you are looking to do.

    Graham Kilvington Head of Procurement & Logistics, Miko Coffee
  • I would most definitely recommend them due to their professionalism and the innovations which they came up with to make this happen for us.

    Martin Addey Production Manager, AJS Labels
  • We chose Nexus because they gave us the best advice and the most competitive price for achieving what we wanted to out of the space we had.

    Chris Booth Managing Director, Graphics Direct
  • Coming from a company where quality is paramount, we are in the valve industry and quality is our motto, hence we had to get this right and we did with Nexus.

    Paul Brooksbank Production Manager, Brooksbank Valves
  • I would certainly not hesitate in the future, to recommend Nexus to anybody.

    Rebecca Mclean Marketing Director, Envirovent
  • Working with Nexus has been a great experience, nothings been a problem whatsoever, I would recommend other companies to get in touch with Nexus and see if they can help with their projects.

    David Cooper Managing Director, Alatas Engineering
  • Nexus are a professional firm, we’ve enjoyed working with them and I’d be more than happy to recommend them to any potential customers.

    Jim Rowbotham Managing Director, Pexa Ltd
  • Nexus have been professional from start to finish, their prices are very well quoted, but ultimately it's the project management and the finish that leaves in my opinion, Nexus unparalleled in this environment.

    Daniel Lee Managing Director, Pharmacy2U
  • To be honest with you, it has been a very painless exercise working with Nexus, I would wholeheartedly recommend Nexus to any potential client, we felt comfortable working with them and I'm not just saying it, I wouldn't even hesitate using them again.

    Jean Pierre Naylor Managing Director, CDL
  • We did speak to one or two other contractors but I have to say that Nexus were head and shoulders above the others in terms of the speed of turnaround but also the confidence we got dealing with them.

    Iain Clasper Managing Director, Northern Flags
  • I think it is the expertise, the knowledge, experience and the professionalism that makes Nexus stand out from the rest and I'd say that anybody would feel comfortable working with Nexus.

    James Ormiston Managing Director, Circdata
  • I can honestly say, without doubt I would recommend Nexus. I really can't fault the whole process and I don't say things like that lightly.

    Caroline Wilson Managing Director, Kirkwood Wilson
  • We're now very proud of the facilities we've got and all in all it's really been a pleasure working with Nexus and I'd recommend them for any future projects you may have. The attention to detail and the quality of their work has been superb and certainly we're one happy customer.

    Tony Hafez Director, Aerocool
  • From day one Nexus stood out from everybody that we talked to about the office refurb, I think that the attention to detail, the customer service, the fact that they accepted changes that we made again and again with no problems was great. I think the whole process has been really painless and I think the Nexus team are really great.

    Phil Fraser Owner, Which Bingo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mezzanine floor?

Manufactured from steel, a mezzanine is constructed from a combination of main beams, purlins (roof supports), columns and decking. Additional accessories that may be included are staircases, handrails and pallet gates.

What are the benefits of a mezzanine floor?

The benefits of a mezzanine are twofold; space and cost. By installing a mezzanine floor, you can as much as double your existing work area without having to rent or purchase additional premises. It will also save you money in terms of business rates – because you’re not increasing the surface area of your work unit, there are no additional rates to pay.

How much room do I need for a Mezzanine Floor?

In general terms, you will need to have available head room of 5000mm or more if you wish to install a mezzanine in your premises.

What are the uses and types of mezzanine floors?

There are several types of mezzanine floors, offering solutions for different issues. The main applications are:

  • Mezzanine floors for retail – by using a mezzanine to increase your retail space, you can add value to your property, and more importantly, increase your display space. This may enable you to offer more products and create a better shopping experience for your customers.
  • Storage and production mezzanine flooring – this is the most common type of mezzanine flooring and customers may opt for this solution when their existing space is no longer big enough to accommodate their needs. By expanding your space with the use of a mezzanine, you can save the substantial cost and inconvenience of moving to a new property, while doubling your production and storage space in a short timeframe and with minimal disruption.
  • Office mezzanine floors – a mezzanine is the perfect way to create space for new offices, whether in an existing office unit, above a manufacturing space or any other type of business premises; it’s significantly cheaper than a ‘block and beam’ solution, as well as being faster and less hassle to install.

How much will a mezzanine floor cost?

Mezzanine floors represent great value for money, especially when you weigh up the alternative options. The cost will range in price, from around £75 to £120 per square metre; when compared to the cost of moving premises, having a mezzanine fitted could be up to 80% cheaper!

How do you design a mezzanine to fit into my building?

Because every building is different and every client has their own criteria, every mezzanine floor is a bespoke solution. A thorough site survey and analysis will be carried out to identify where the floor will be situated and how the columns will be incorporated into the existing structure. Sometimes columns can be hidden in the walls of the spaces being created below the mezzanine, or they may be integrated into an existing shelving layout; whatever your specific requirements, our experienced designers will work closely with you to create a floor plan that will fit your exact needs, ensuring that it’s entirely fit for purpose.

How long will it take to install my mezzanine floor?

On average, the lead time from signing off drawing designs to delivery will take around 3 to 4 weeks – so about 4 or 5 weeks from point of order. Our installation team can fit approximately 100m² per day, so you can work out roughly how long the installation process will take depending on the footprint of your mezzanine. If your mezzanine floor requires fire rating, this will take about the same amount of time again.

What does ‘fire rating’ mean?

Sometimes a mezzanine floor needs to be fire rated – this will depend on its intended use, and is a legal building regulation that must be complied with. Fire rating a mezzanine involves the installation of a suspended floor on the underside, and protecting columns and fascias with a plastisol material.

Mezzanine flooring that’s been constructed for use as storage doesn’t require fire rating; however, if it totals 50% or more of your building’s overall footprint or runs for a length of over 20 metres in any direction, this exclusion may not apply and you may still be required to have your mezzanine fire rated. These regulations are designed to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors.

How much weight can a mezzanine take?

A standard mezzanine floor for retail or office use is designed to take 360kg per square metre (3.6kn/m²), with storage and production mezzanine flooring being built to hold up to 500 kg per square metre (4.8kn/m²).

A mezzanine can accommodate for shelving, racking, office furniture and equipment or even a half ton pallet loaded onto a pallet truck, but we will need to know exactly what you intend to use it for to ensure that the design is appropriate and can support the weight load required. It’s even possible to design a floor that will take a ton per square metre, which is useful if you need to install heavy machinery. However, this will usually require alterations to be made to the existing concrete floor.

What about electrics?

When you have a mezzanine floor fitted, you’ll need to have lighting and smoke detectors built-in underneath. If your flooring is fitted with a suspended ceiling for fire rating purposes, we generally install modular fittings within this element; where there is no suspended ceiling, we usually hang fluorescent fittings from the purlins.

Typical lux levels required under a mezzanine are 200 lux when used for storage and 500 lux for office and production purposes. All of our quotations include electrical work as standard and every aspect of the project will be clearly itemised for your inspection.

In regards to smoke detection, this can be wired back to your existing fire safety control panel and we can either include this is the overall project or you can contact your service provider for them to manage this if you prefer.

Are mezzanine floors subject to building regulations?

Just as with any other building work, mezzanine flooring must conform to current UK building regulations. To ensure that your floor complies with these regulations, we work closely with an approved building inspector; doing this allows us to ‘pre-approve’ the application and begin construction as soon as the building notice has been submitted and acknowledged – a process that takes about a week.

Upon completion of your installation, the inspector will visit your premises to ensure that it has been built in mine with the agreed plans and they will then sign it off and your certificate will be issued. For mezzanine floors that are required to be fire rated, the building inspector will also be accompanied by a fire officer, so that they can check that the structure complies with fire safety regulations.

A list of approved inspectors can be viewed at the Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors (ACAI)

What building regulations should my mezzanine meet?

It’s very unusual for a mezzanine floor to require planning permission, but it’s vital that they meet the relevant building regulations; BS5950 part 1 and BS6399 part 5. These regulations cover important safety features such as fire escapes and protection, and smoke detectors. When you use Nexus for your mezzanine flooring requirements, we guarantee that we’ll always comply with these regulations.

Can my mezzanine be reinstalled in new premises?

Mezzanine floors are always bespoke, as they are specifically designed to suit the premises they were originally intended for. However, if it’s a fairly straightforward design you may be able to take it with you – providing your new building has a layout that will support it being installed in exactly the same way. The more complicated your floor design is, the less likely that you’ll be able to move it to a new building.

How do I arrange a mezzanine floor quotation?

Our quotation process is easy and is provided on a no-obligation basis. This is how we work:

  • Call us on 0113 831 3303 or contact our mezzanine floor experts here to arrange a free site survey.
  • We’ll come along to your premises, take the relevant measurements and offer our advice for the most suitable solution for your needs.
  • We’ll send you a proposed layout, including the positioning of columns, stairs, handrails, pallet gates and building inspector approved elevations.
  • If you agree with the layout proposal, we will send you a full quotation with no obligation to proceed.
  • If you decide you want to go ahead, we will initiate the manufacture of your bespoke mezzanine floor.
  • We will allocate you with a dedicated project manager who will issue you with a working programme, method statement and risk assessment.
  • Once manufacture is complete, your floor will be delivered and installed by our expert team.

Meet your mezzanine flooring experts…

Your mezzanine flooring professionals are part of the Nexus Workspace Group. A highly motivated and dedicated Leeds based team with a real passion for design, fabrication and manufacture, we go to every length to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that our customers are 100% satisfied with our service.

You can find out more information about our team here: About

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