Storage mezzanine floor project for product suppliers, Talkline.

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The Challenge supplier, Talkline have been supplying products to Amazon for many years and have grown significantly in recent months and need to look at a solution that could help with the smooth running of the business.

Their premises in Glossop were slowly running  out of available space for their products and with the number of orders increasing, they needed a solution fast.

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The search for a solution

Darrel Smith the owner at Talkline could have either looked at moving premises to a larger warehouse or they could make use of the empty space above their heads with a mezzanine floor. We had previously worked with Talkline to install some partitioning on the ground floor, so they contacted us once again to look at providing a mezzanine floor solution.

So Darrel contacted us once again and invited us in to discuss their requirements and to conduct a site survey to measure their space.

Why Talkline chose Nexus

We sat down with Darrel to discuss his concerns and his requirements going forward. We knew that a storage mezzanine floor was the best solution for his problem, rather than moving premises.

It was a far more cost effective solution and ensured there was no upheaval to the business, that would have been inevitable during a move of that nature.

Talkline were impressed with the solution we proposed and the designs we provided them. The quotation was within budget and they proceeded to give us the order.

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The storage mezzanine floor solution

The project comprised of a 165 square metre storage mezzanine floor with racking systems both above and below the floor. Underneath the mezzanine we installed a suspended ceiling and lighting operated by a PIR system that automatically turns on when an employee walks underneath the mezzanine.

The racking system and lighting was designed to ensure the optimal amount of light covered the area to ensure Talkline’s employees could see their products clearly. As with all our projects we ensured that the building regulations were met and all health and safety requirements were carried out.

Talkline now have a warehouse facility that meets all their needs and allows them to reduce the number of deliveries required per week and in turn grow their business further.

We wish Darrel and everyone at Talkline all the best for the future.

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