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Office mezzanine floor project for one of the UK’s leaders in the manufacture and distribution of agricultural products.

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The Challenge

Cox Agri are one of the UK’s leaders in the manufacture and supply of products to the agricultural industry. They have a comprehensive range of stockbreeder products that they supply to farmers through an extensive network of agricultural merchants.

Pexa have occupied their current premises for a while now, however due to an increase in business and the subsequent need for expansion that brings, they started to look at moving premises. This was due to the need for more office and production space. However they soon realised that this would be a stressful and costly exercise.

They had a large warehouse with unused space above head height and previously had a mezzanine floor installed for office use and had space next to that one for another. This is where their search for a mezzanine floor installer began.

Project Video

Here’s our video case study for the office mezzanine floor project for one of the UK’s leading agricultural product manufacturers.

The search for a solution

Once Cox Agri had decided that an office mezzanine floor was the solution that they wanted for their office space needs, they got to work finding a turn key mezzanine floor contractor that could provide them with the solution that they needed.

Once they had found Nexus online, they invited us in to carry out a survey of their space and to discuss their requirements. They were impressed by the fact that we could not only implement the solution that they required but also design their new space too.

Why Cox Agri chose Nexus

Once we arrived on site, we got to work conducting a survey of Cox Agri’s warehouse premises. Once we had measured the space, we sat down with Cox Agri to discuss their needs for the new space.

At this point we discovered how their business works and who would be using the office space on top of the new mezzanine floor. This is so we can design the new office space layout correctly and have departments next to one another that need to work with one another.

After discovering how Cox Agri’s business works, we created the designs for their new office mezzanine floor space with production space underneath. The mezzanine floor was designed to adjoin to their existing office space, allowing flow between departments.

Our proposals included all electrical and lighting requirements along with their partitioning needs to create a meeting room and two managers offices. With the positioning of the new mezzanine floor, the creation of external windows on the mezzanine level were needed to allow natural light into the office.

Once Cox Agri looked at our design proposals and itemised quote allowing them to see a cost for each aspect of the project, they commissioned Nexus to carry out their office mezzanine floor project for them.

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The solution

The project involved the design and installation of an office mezzanine floor for Cox Agri’s office employees. This mezzanine floor was designed to adjoin to their existing office mezzanine floor to facilitate flow between departments. Therefore we had to cut out a hole on the existing wall to allow us to install the brand new double door set.

With the positioning of the new mezzanine floor, to enable natural light into the office we needed to install new external windows. These were installed at the front of Cox Agri’s building and we ensured the window tint on them was exactly the same as their existing windows.

The new office facilities were all installed by us, minus the furniture, as Cox Agri wanted to use their existing items. Therefore the project involved the installation of all flooring, glass partitioning, suspended ceilings and all lighting, data and electrical requirements.

Underneath the office facilities, Cox Agri required a production space, separated from the rest of the warehouse floor. Therefore, we installed glass partitioning along the perimeter of the room looking out onto the warehouse. Suspended ceilings and new lighting were installed underneath the mezzanine to create light for the production area.

Nexus acted as the principal contractor for Cox Agri’s mezzanine floor project and completed it on time and on budget. Our installation team implemented each aspect of the project from the installation of the mezzanine floor, through to the office partitioning and flooring.

It was also our job to ensure that all building regulations were adhered too with our design of the new space and we also ensured the health and safety of everyone on site.

The new premises will allow Cox Agri to move forward and continue with their expansion and meeting the orders of their vast amount of clients. We would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to work with them and help them to achieve their workspace needs and we wish Cox Agri all the best for the future.

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