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Office mezzanine floor project for one of the leaders in valve manufacturing with a worldwide client base.

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  • Coming from a company where quality is paramount, we are in the valve industry and quality is our motto, hence we had to get this right and we did with Nexus.

    Paul Brooksbank Production Manager, Brooksbank Valves

The Challenge

Brooksbank Valves manufacture and provide cost effective valve solutions to a wide range of industries worldwide. Since 1953, Brooksbank valves have grown from an offshoot from the Brooksbank family’s manufacturing companies, to a success in it’s own right.

Due to this growth and success, Brooksbank Valves needed to relocate to a larger premises to allow them to keep up with customer demand. as they needed to satisfy a worldwide client base, they needed a large enough premises to house their office employees and the manufacturing and storage space.

Once they had identified the building, they needed to find a turn-key fit out contractor, because the warehouse was an empty shell which required a bespoke solution to meet Brooksbank’s requirements.

Project Video

Watch our video case study video for this project which features Production Manager, Paul Brooksbank sharing his thoughts on the project as a whole.

The search for a solution:

Brooksbank Valves were now faced with the challenge of not only relocating a business to a new premises, but also finding a contractor to fit out their new warehouse. All this whilst running the business day to day.

Brooksbank Valves decided that they wanted to prepare a tender process to chose who would create the new facilities for them and had identified the Production Manager, Paul Brooksbank as the person they wanted to identify contractors to tender for the project.

Paul then conducted research to find a collection of fit out contractors who were asked to tender for the works. At this point, he was recommended Nexus Workspace by a business forum that he is a part of. We then became the last contractor invited by Paul to tender for the project.

Why Brooksbank Valves chose Nexus:

Once we received the tender pack, we immediately got to work putting together a full set of working drawings, a works program and a full specification for each aspect of the project. An important factor for Brooksbank when choosing who would fit out their new warehouse was the deadline.

They had a very strict deadline that needed to be met to ensure that production wasn’t affected and disruption was kept to a minimum, because they had client orders that needed to be satisfied. This was a major factor when choosing a fit out contractor for the project.

The proposal put forward to them, included a ‘shopping list’ style quotation that allowed Brooksbank to see what each element of the project would cost and was perfect for the tender process when comparing quotes. This is something we provide all our clients with, no matter if it is a tender or not.

Brooksbank Valves were very happy with the office mezzanine floor proposal put forward by us and the fact that we could meet their deadline. They were very impressed with the fact that we brought up the CDM rules and building regulations as we were the only contractor to do so and this was a major factor that led to them choosing Nexus as the contractor to move forward with.

Once the installation of the project started, Paul commented on our health and safety culture and he was very impressed, commenting that it was ‘exactly what I would expect’.

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The Office Mezzanine Floor Solution:

The project involved the design and installation of an office mezzanine floor solution for all of Brooksbank’s employees. We installed office facilities both above and below the mezzanine where the production staff are situated.

We also installed WC facilities, shower rooms, canteen and changing facilities for the production employees on the ground floor. The new office facilities consisted of a managers office and a small open plan office for other members of the production staff.

Above the mezzanine floor we created a large open plan office space for Brooksbank’s design, administrative and marketing employees. The facilities also included numerous smaller manager offices, three meeting rooms, a boardroom, canteen facilities, shower rooms and WC areas.

The project was notifiable under the CDM regulations and Nexus acted as principal contractor and CDM coordinator on behalf of Brooksbank Valves for the works. All works were completed on time and on budget to Brooksbank’s strict deadline.

The new facilities have given Brooksbank Valves a state of the art, modern facility that they can be proud of. Paul Brooksbank believes that they now have a ‘world class facility’ that can help them push forward even more with the growth of their business.

We would like to thank everyone at Brooksbank Valves for the opportunity to be involved with helping them to create the office space that they needed and we wish them all the success for the future.

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