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Industrial Interior Fit Out for the UK’s leading wide format fabric printer Northern Flags.

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  • Great value and also attention to detail, they're the two key reasons as to why we'd work with Nexus again and looking at the building, who knows, in two years time another mezzanine here?

    Iain Clasper Managing Director, Northern Flags

The Challenge

Northern Flags are the UK’s leading wide format fabric printer for all sorts of products such as flags, banners, fence scrims and exhibition prints. Their portfolio of work includes the branding for major sporting events including Euro 2012, London 2012 Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and Le Tour de Yorkshire.

They are jointly owned by Europe’s largest marketing fabrics supplier Faberexposize and have significantly grown over the last few years. This led to them moving production to the UK in Leeds just under two years ago.

However in those two years, the demand had increased even further and the time had come to move to a larger premises to allow them to match their client’s demands.

Project Video

Here’s our video case study for the industrial interior fit out featuring the thoughts of Northern Flags’ Managing Director Iain Clasper.

The search for a solution & why Northern Flags chose Nexus

The previous project we implemented for Northern Flags allowed them to start production in the UK after many years of importing materials from their other factories across Europe and the Far East.

They originally planned to ‘bring around five to ten percent of production, into the UK’ but once they started to offer UK based clients a quicker turnaround on their order, they found that ‘more and more clients wanted to capitalise on that service’.

Therefore they had to start looking for a new premises after the four machines they had in their previous warehouse ‘all got full’.

‘We needed a premises that could not only cope with all the finishing associated with our previous machines, but could also allow us to buy wider machines that could move a lot faster’ – Iain Clasper, Managing Director, Northern Flags.

Once Northern Flags had identified a bigger warehouse in the Leeds area, they needed to work with an industrial interior fit out contractor to ensure it was suitable for their needs. Company policy deemed that they tendered out the works to a number of companies, so that they had a selection to choose from, but they knew if the price was right, they would work with Nexus once again.

We created a production facility in their previous warehouse back in 2016 through the installation of a storage mezzanine floor. The area above the mezzanine was used for the storage of their stock, whilst underneath we created a temperature controlled print room to house Northern Flags collection of printing machines.

However with growth comes the inevitable need for a new, bigger premises and the purchase of more printing machines. Therefore they needed a contractor they could trust to ensure the new facility was set up correctly, to facilitate their new machines and business operations as a whole.

‘Even though we did go out to tender a couple of times when we were looking at this particular project, in the back of our heads we did want to work with Nexus again because we knew they’d make the whole process of moving and relocating, which was even more complicated for us this time, a lot easier and smoother’.

Project Gallery

The industrial interior solution

The project comprised of two design and installation elements. Inside the warehouse we needed to create a production facility that worked to enhance Northern Flags workflow and provided the warehouse team with a breakout area for break times.

Whilst upstairs, we had the challenge of providing an open plan office that promoted teamwork and provided the office based team with on hand kitchen facilities.

The reason Northern Flags needed to move in the first place was because ‘in our last unit we were a little constrained by space’. So a main part of the brief was to make the most of the new space available.

In the warehouse areas we had to ensure that the new machinery Northern Flags had bought, received sufficient power. Therefore the incoming kVA and mains distribution were increased to all areas.

We had to ensure the production floor was lit sufficiently and that the temperature in the room was controlled at all times. Therefore we installed a suspended ceiling into the warehouse along with new lighting and a ventilation and air conditioning system.

Northern Flags also required the installation of a speed roller shutter door to facilitate access between the two warehouse areas. In the second warehouse area we also installed a brand new racking system for Northern Flags’ stock. CCTV and door entry systems were also required for the exterior of the building.

Upstairs in the office space we installed brand new carpets and provided Northern Flags with new modern office furniture. We also created an opening that allowed access to the mezzanine floor in the warehouse from the office space upstairs.

This has allowed Northern Flags to create a product showroom area out on the mezzanine, which is ideal when showing clients around their facilities. Northern Flags often invite potential clients in, as they can really get a feel for the products they create and the speed at which they can deliver them.

Therefore the office facilities needed to have an ‘agency feel’ to ensure their clients felt welcome but also, so did the team at Northern Flags.

‘What we’ve tried to do in the public areas of the building as well, is project more of an agency, client marketing led ambience to the building because I think when you’ve got that kind of environment, I think it allows our team to be a little bit more creative and it allows us to feel a little bit more like our clients I suppose and that’s important to us, because we work in a creative industry and it’s important that the area you work in doesn’t feel just like a very efficient factory, which it is. But it also feels like a nice creative environment too.’

Northern Flags are very pleased with the results of the industrial interior fit out at their new warehouse facility.

‘What do we love about our new facility? Well the first thing is space, we have some elbow room at last. We’ve got an opportunity now to really start showing off the creative potential of our new printers and our design team here at Northern Flags.’

Their Managing Director Iain Clasper also had this to say about the process of working with Nexus and why they chose to work with us again.

‘The very fact that we’ve worked with Nexus twice in the space of two years is a pretty good endorsement of them. We’ve found the process to be really easy, the guys are nice to deal with, they’re as passionate about the build work that they do as we are about the print work that comes out of our machines, they are very particular and I think that’s great because we don’t have to be particular, because when they are going around checking their work, they spot the things that need to be changed before we even see them. So great value and also attention to detail, they’re the two key reasons we’d work with Nexus again and looking at the building, who knows in two years time, another mezz here?’

If your business is looking to move into a new warehouse due to company expansion and you need help tailoring the space to your requirements, we can help. Get in touch today either via our live chat, contact forms, email or by calling 0113 831 3303, we look forward to hearing from you.

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