Storage Mezzanine Floors

If you need more storage space within your warehouse, a storage mezzanine floor is the perfect solution…

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Storage Mezzanine Floors

Running out of available storage space in your warehouse premises? Our storage mezzanine floors are the perfect solution to your needs. They are a quick to install and cost effective way to potentially double the available storage space within your warehouse.

Mezzanine floors have become a very popular solution over recent years for businesses with warehouse premises that are running out of available storage space. They are a versatile solution that can be configured to fit into the available space in your warehouse.

When compared to the alternatives such as a breeze block storage platform, a mezzanine floor is far more cost effective and certainly quicker to install, with approximately 60 square metres installed a day by our team.

What Nexus Can Do For You

We offer all our clients a full turn-key solution that involves both the design and installation of your storage mezzanine floor solution. We take care of each and every stage of your project from the site survey through to the installation of the mezzanine.

We will design the mezzanine floor layout to fit into your building’s footprint and the placement of ancillaries such as pallet gates will be included within the design too. Any electrical or lighting requirements will be accounted for and be presented within your drawings.

All health and safety requirements and building regulations will be adhered to and we’ll take the stress away from you, allowing you to get on with whats important, running your business.

Our Process

We’ve been helping businesses all across the North of England to make the most of their warehouse space since 2009. By utilising a storage mezzanine floor solution, our clients have been able to increase their available storage space by up to 100%.

When it comes to working with Nexus, we make it as simple as possible, whilst delivering an expert solution that is cost effective and quick to install.

We will visit your premises and conduct a survey of your space. This allows us to analyse your available space and provide you with the solution for your needs. We will also sit down and discuss your requirements thoroughly, ensuring that no important aspects are missed.

Once we have gathered all the information that we require, we will begin to design your new storage space using AutoCAD. We will send you full drawing layouts for your perusal and approval.  Once you are happy with the solution, we will create your quotation.

Our quotes are all laid out in a ‘shopping list’ style, allowing you to identify the cost of each aspect of your project. This ensures that you know you are receiving value for money.

Once we are chosen as the contractor for your project, we will create a detailed project plan that details the timeline of the installation of your mezzanine floor. This will also include all risk assessments and our health and safety policy.

For the installation of your mezzanine floor you will be appointed your very own Project Manager. They will be able to help you with any queries you may have whilst the works are ongoing. Once your storage mezzanine floor is installed, you will receive a handover pack detailing all your warranty information and guides on how to maintain your new facilities.

Our Experience

We have worked with many businesses throughout the North of England to help them to achieve their storage space requirements. Martech UK, Computer Disposals Limited, Taylors Football and Slimming World have all gained the extra storage space that they needed through the installation of a storage mezzanine floor.

We have many show sites for you to visit to see our work first hand and discuss with our existing clients, what it’s like to work with Nexus. If you are in need of more storage space within your warehouse premises, get in touch today, we’ll be happy to help.

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What Our Clients Think

  • During the decision process, the designs, innovations and overall cost of the project put forward by Nexus, ensured that we chose them.

    Mike Coult Operations Director, Martech UK
  • I would highly recommend the team at Nexus for any work you are looking to do.

    Graham Kilvington Head of Procurement & Logistics, Miko Coffee
  • I would most definitely recommend them due to their professionalism and the innovations which they came up with to make this happen for us.

    Martin Addey Production Manager, AJS Labels
  • We chose Nexus because they gave us the best advice and the most competitive price for achieving what we wanted to out of the space we had.

    Chris Booth Managing Director, Graphics Direct
  • Coming from a company where quality is paramount, we are in the valve industry and quality is our motto, hence we had to get this right and we did with Nexus.

    Paul Brooksbank Production Manager, Brooksbank Valves
  • I would certainly not hesitate in the future, to recommend Nexus to anybody.

    Rebecca Mclean Marketing Director, Envirovent
  • Working with Nexus has been a great experience, nothings been a problem whatsoever, I would recommend other companies to get in touch with Nexus and see if they can help with their projects.

    David Cooper Managing Director, Alatas Engineering
  • Nexus are a professional firm, we’ve enjoyed working with them and I’d be more than happy to recommend them to any potential customers.

    Jim Rowbotham Managing Director, Pexa Ltd
  • Nexus have been professional from start to finish, their prices are very well quoted, but ultimately it's the project management and the finish that leaves in my opinion, Nexus unparalleled in this environment.

    Daniel Lee Managing Director, Pharmacy2U
  • To be honest with you, it has been a very painless exercise working with Nexus, I would wholeheartedly recommend Nexus to any potential client, we felt comfortable working with them and I'm not just saying it, I wouldn't even hesitate using them again.

    Jean Pierre Naylor Managing Director, CDL
  • We did speak to one or two other contractors but I have to say that Nexus were head and shoulders above the others in terms of the speed of turnaround but also the confidence we got dealing with them.

    Iain Clasper Managing Director, Northern Flags
  • I think it is the expertise, the knowledge, experience and the professionalism that makes Nexus stand out from the rest and I'd say that anybody would feel comfortable working with Nexus.

    James Ormiston Managing Director, Circdata
  • I can honestly say, without doubt I would recommend Nexus. I really can't fault the whole process and I don't say things like that lightly.

    Caroline Wilson Managing Director, Kirkwood Wilson
  • We're now very proud of the facilities we've got and all in all it's really been a pleasure working with Nexus and I'd recommend them for any future projects you may have. The attention to detail and the quality of their work has been superb and certainly we're one happy customer.

    Tony Hafez Director, Aerocool
  • From day one Nexus stood out from everybody that we talked to about the office refurb, I think that the attention to detail, the customer service, the fact that they accepted changes that we made again and again with no problems was great. I think the whole process has been really painless and I think the Nexus team are really great.

    Phil Fraser Owner, Which Bingo

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my storage mezzanine cost?

Storage Mezzanine floors represent great value for money. Especially when you consider the alternative options like relocating or external storage. The cost of the mezzanine floor can range in price, from around £75 to £120 per square metre.

Prices fluctuate dependant on what column grid, finished floor level and weight bearing load is required. But don’t worry, we’ll advise on the best option for you.

How much weight can I put on my storage mezzanine floor?

When it comes to storage and production mezzanine floors, they are typically designed to hold up to 500kg per square metre (4.8kn/m2). The equivalent of a half ton pallet loaded onto a pallet truck.

It’s possible to design a mezzanine floor that will take over 500kg per square metre. However this does usually require alterations to be made to your warehouse floor in the form of piling (A form of reinforcement).

How long will my storage mezzanine floor take to install?

From point of order we’ll be on site within five weeks. We can install approximately 60 square metres per day. However, if your storage mezzanine floor requires fire rating (suspended ceiling) allow twice the time.

Do I need planning permission?

No, you don’t require planning permission. However, the installation of a mezzanine floor must conform to current UK building regulations. So to ensure that your storage mezzanine complies with the regulations, we work closely with an approved building inspector.

Doing so, enables us to ‘pre-approve’ your mezzanine floor application and then begin construction, as soon as the building notice has been submitted and acknowledged.

Upon completion of your storage mezzanine floor project, a building inspector will visit your premises to ensure the mezzanine floor has been built to the agreed plans. If so, they will sign off the project and the certificate will be issued to you.

Mezzanine floors must be installed to industry standards (BS5950 Part 1 and BS6399 Part 5). These regulations cover important safety features such as the position of fire escapes and fire protection. This also includes smoke detection and fire door requirements. When we install your mezzanine floor we guarantee that we will always comply with these regulations.

How much available height do I need?

Generally speaking, you will require around 5000mm (16.4ft) of head room, to be able to install a mezzanine floor and meet building regulations.

What electrical aspects do I require?

When you have a mezzanine floor fitted, you’ll need to have lighting and smoke detectors installed to the underside.

All of our quotations include electrical work as standard. We have our own Electrical Division, so offer competitive prices. Don’t worry though. This price will be shown separately in case you have a preferred electrician you wish to use.

What does ‘fire rating’ a mezzanine floor mean?

Building regulations stipulate that fire protective materials must be added to the mezzanine in certain cases. For example, if the floor is 20 metres long, takes over 50% of the building or has operatives working below or above the mezzanine floor.

We achieve this by installing a fire protected suspended ceiling, column cases and fascia to the exposed edges of the floor. But don’t worry, we’ll determine if your floor needs fire protection and will itemise this in your quote.

What warranty will I receive?

All of our storage mezzanine floors are under full warranty for a period of 12 months, after completion of the build.

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