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A mezzanine floor is the perfect solution if you need to build some extra office space without eating into the valuable floor space of your warehouse. Quick, easy and very affordable they allow you to take advantage of the fresh air in your building and turn it into a functional workable area. Read more…



A mezzanine floor is a wonderful solution for any business that requires additional storage space without the hassle of having to move or rent additional space. Quick, affordable and easy to install a mezzanine floor can literally double your storage capacity, and the great thing is they are exempt from rates. Read more



Virtually every retail space now (with head height) takes advantage of a mezzanine floor, and when you consider how easy to install and affordable they are it’s easy to see why.By installing a mezzanine floor you can literally double your retail space allowing you to get more products in front of your customers. Read more…



We design and install a range of mezzanine floor ancillaries to accompany your mezzanine floor, ranging from staircase, handrail and pallet gates. If you would like expert advice with relation to what mezzanine floor ancillary will work for you please click here



The ideal solution if you have run out of space and want to expand internally..

Mezzanine floors prove beneficial for most companies who have any sort of available head height in the building. Quick to install, incredibly cost effective (when compared with the cost of moving) and fantastically versatile, businesses across the country are taking advantage of a mezzanine floor.

So what is a mezzanine floor?

Think of a mezzanine as a large platform that creates workable space out of thin air. They can be used for storage, offices, production, showrooms and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Manufactured from steel and finished with a timber deck they are built using columns to support the floor. This is the only disadvantage of a mezzanine floor, however, if designed by an expert the columns can be strategically placed as not to effect the activities taking place below the floor.

If your planning to use your mezzanine floor for storage there are some great ancillaries available, such as pallet gates, handrail and staircases. Pallet gates are partciluary good as they allow you to load pallets onto the mezzanine floor safely. they provide a permanent  barrier between the operator of the pallet gate and the exposed edge, eliminating the posiiblilty of anyone falling of the floor.

With a storage floor, generally they are designed to a 4.8kn/m2 loading. Simply speaking this means the mezzanine floor will take a 500kg pallet every square metre. You can even wheel a 500kg pallet around on a pallet truck which is handy. You can design mezzanine floors to take heavier loads, up to a tonne pallet, however normally you have to do work to the concrete floor to make it possible which can be quite costly.

When the mezzanine is for office use they are designed slightly differentlly. The loading is decreased as there is no need for 500kg per square metre and the floor is ‘stiffened’ up to stop any sort of bouncing on the floor, which is a lot better for offices.  If your considering a mezzanine floor for offices, ask your contractor to explain the difference between an office floor and a storage floor. If they dont know the answer, then they are probably not the right contractor for you. If they give you the correct answer, they should be explaining you need a 3.6kn/m2 mezzanine with a deflection of L/360.

Staircases for all types of mezzanine can be designed to suit your application. They can be simple bog standard spray painted  stairs, or they can be stainless steel instead. It all depends on your requirements. We have installed some impressive staircase with stainless steel and glass infill panels, but these are usually restricted to reception areas.

If your considering a mezzanine floor for your business, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of. Firstly when installing a mezzanine floor, you need to get building regulations approval. Any decent contractor will offer this as part of their service and will work with approved inspector to make sure its designed correctly and within the regs.

Depending on the use of the mezzanine floor, the building inspector will ask for the mezzanine structure to be fire rated. This is achieved through a suspended ceiling and column cases. Materials are used to stop fire penetrating through to the steel, which gives people enough time to get off the floor in the event of fire and away to safety.

All office, retail and showroom floors have to be fire rated whatever the size, however storage floors generally don’t. unless the are over 20 metres in length or over 50% of the footprint of the building. The cost of fire rating a mezzanine floor is loosely speaking half the cost of the mezzanine floor. So if your looking at a 10k floor, the fire rating will cost around 5k.

The next thing to consider is electrics. Your going to need lighting below the mezzanine, once again a decent contractor will quote for all the works, but you can ask a local electrical contractor to price the works also. If you do this make sure your electrician speaks with the building control officer to find out the exact requirements. You will also need smoke detection under the new floor also which will be wired into your existing fire alarm.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding on what a mezzanine floor is and how they could help your business.

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For further reading and a comprehensive guide on what exactly a mezzanine floor is and how it can help your company please read our mezzanine floor guide

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